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2680 W. Liberty St. Girard, OH 44420
(330) 530-8387

Client Testimonials

Here is what some of our recent clients had to say...

To be very honest, we have not had good experiences in the past (last visit was several years ago) with the Clinic, but this last visit was exceptional..... from the staff and most importantly the vet we had.... He was EXTREMELY caring and helpful and informative... For once, I left there feeling very much at ease about my dog's injury..... Would highly recommend the place...  (Cindy "Harley")

They couldn't have been kinder. I drove up from East Liverpool, and the vet wanted to make sure I was aware of the detour going home. So not only did they take great care of my kitty, their concern for me was appreciated! (Jennifer, "Gus")

Everyone was helpful at a very stressful time for me. Everyone was very knowledgeable and informative. I have already recommended to people. Thank you!  (Stephanie, “Little Cat”)

I have had to bring my dog Mickey here a few times over the years and everyone has always been very kind, and attentive. My dog is a nervous little thing under the best of circumstances, so I appreciate that the staff is always so friendly and makes him feel at ease. Everyone is always willing to answer any questions we may have, and I feel they explain everything very well, and make it easy to understand what's going on every step of the way.  This is the only after hours clinic around so I usually expect the wait/visit to be a few hours overall. It's usually quite busy when we go, being that it's the only one in the area.

As I said before everyone is always very friendly, and kind.  Always very friendly and good with Mickey.  Very friendly, explained everything we needed to do very well.  You guys provide such an important service, and it's nice knowing how friendly and caring everyone here is, it helps to put you at ease when you are in a very unnerving/emergency situation with your pet. (Gina, "Mickey")

All staff were very considerate about my dog's condition and my feelings. Sadie was treated with tender hands and concern. I would recommend the hospital to everyone. My mind was put at ease that my Sadie was given the best possible care.  The young lady at the check in desk was very kind and understood the needs of Sadie not being able to enter the waiting room for my girl does not like any animal except for her companions at home. Promptly gave me the paper to fill out for Sadie to be treated   The technician who took Sadie's vitals and pre exam before the Vet  tended to her showed much care and concern for my dog. She was treated very kind and precise for problems Sadie was having.  The young lady upon d\c was very clear on after treatment home instructions and showed compassion for my Sadie's issues. Very pleasant and I wasn't rushed.

Thank you to the staff for putting my husband and I at ease. We were quite panicked that we were losing our biff-monster after our other dog passed a month ago with the same symptoms. We left with a huge weight lifted off of our minds.   It's a bit expensive, but there is no price I wouldn't pay for my fur-kids.  (Monica, "Biff")

It was a very busy day. It was a very stressful situation, but the staff were understanding and supportive.  (Kate,  "Edith Ann")

Great place and thank goodness they were open on a Sunday. They saved our 2 year old cat!! Friendly and compassionate staff.

The staff was courteous and kind. I appreciated the follow up phone call later that weekend.

We were very impressed at the cleanliness of the building and appreciated the convenient restroom, which was also very clean. Every one was helpful and courteous.  We were very very grateful to have an after hours place to take our cat to.  Thank you for being there for us!  (Carol Dawson "Precious")

We appreciated the Sunday hours due to our job and traveling we were afraid we wouldn't find a vet clinic even open. (William, "Sadie")

Very happy with ALL services. (Brenda, "Colby")