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2680 W. Liberty St. Girard, OH 44420
(330) 530-8387


The After Hours Animal Emergency Clinic is committed to providing excellent patient care and client service. We provide the expertise of our staff veterinarians, and licensed veterinary technicians to uphold and maintain this high level of care. The service is staffed by experienced, compassionate professionals who are constantly monitoring and treating your pet with leading technology and techniques.


The goal of triage is to determine if there are any life-threatening problems that require immediate attention. We will ask you a few quick questions. If a critical problem is found or anticipated, the technician will ask permission to take your pet to the treatment area for immediate examination and assessment by doctor. He or she will quickly assess the situation and come to the exam room to talk with you about what needs to be done right away.

We know that this can be a stressful time and that you may be required to make decisions rapidly. Once your pet has been assessed, our clinician will discuss your pet’s condition and status, as well as any additional necessary treatment plans. We appreciate your patience and understanding if another patient is found to need attention before yours even though you may have arrived first. We know your time is valuable and will do everything possible to address your situation in a timely fashion.

Estimates & Payment

Every effort is made to discuss fees prior to and during treatment and hospitalization.

The expenses associated with emergency and specialized medical care are often a concern for families. Unless the medical condition warrants immediate, life-saving intervention, our goal is to provide you with an accurate treatment plan and financial estimate before beginning treatment. Due to the nature of some medical conditions however, it is not always possible to precisely predict the outcome or associated costs. If substantial deviation from the treatment plan becomes necessary, you will be informed by our staff and a new estimate of costs will be presented to you before new or additional measures are implemented.

Peace of Mind

Our Emergency Service is staffed by people who have pets themselves and understand the deep value of the human-animal bond. We recognize that having to use emergency services for your pet is stressful, and will work to keep you informed and to help you understand what is happening.

After a visit to our hospital a record of everything done including bloodwork or radiographs at our facility is forwarded to your regular veterinarian by either fax or email.  We strive to allow continuity in the continued care of your pet.

When you are looking for a veterinary clinic you should be able to count on superior care and excellent service.  We at After Hours Animal Emergency Clinic have assembled an expert team of veterinary professionals to bring you the best possible healthcare for your pet.  We have a state of the art veterinary facility which is clean, comfortable, and efficient.  Call (330) 530-8387 to schedule an appointment and we will find a time that is convenient for you.

Bring in any medical history you have of your pet when you come to our vet clinic.  It's best to keep a journal of your pet's health throughout his or her life, including behavioral shifts.  If you have something like this, share it with our team.  If not, let us know everything that you think will be important.  The Doctors of Animal Emergency Clinic can still work with whatever information you have. 

In some circumstances, the Doctors of Animal Emergency Clinic will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery. We work closely with the following veterinary hospitals in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital

Akron Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center

Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center